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Posted on October 10th, 2017

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  1. Hi, firstly I have to say awesome stuff…
    I have been working on my own home automation project on and off for the past 2 years or so using capacitive touch switches php mysql python modbus etc, and well lets just say its a bit messy and prone to connection issues. Seeing your switches and breakout boards has left me in awe and i have found the breakout boards on freetronics but i cant find the switches and breakout boards for the switch end of the setup. Would much appreciate a link to them if you have one. Also would love to see how you setup node-red, openhub, and mosquito, seems much easier than writing all my own code php python scripts to polll th earduino modbus and dump into mysql database then use php to display information and give me control over everything remotely.

    • Jonathan Oxer says:

      Thanks John!

      I haven’t listed the button PCBs, because I made the ones shown in the video several years ago and I can’t easily source those buttons anymore. I’ve just redesigned the PCBs to use a different button that’s easy to find, and I have some of the buttons on order. I’m going to do a whole episode about the light switches themselves, and show how to do different styles. When I have the new boards done I’ll put them up on the site as well.

  2. Willie says:

    Hi Jonathan, I subscribe to a number of home automation channels, butI must commend you, I learn most from your channel. Every video has taught me a bunch of new stuff. Great work.
    Question I have is do you ever publish your sketches or code? I’m not a programmer but is very keen on setting up lights like you explained with the 8266 and the light switch toggle on a GPIO. I can do the first part, the GPIO part has me panicking.
    Great journey you have taken us on! Thanks

    • Jonathan Oxer says:

      Thanks Willie! I’ve just received updated PCBs for my light switches, so over the next couple of days I’ll be recording an episode about how they work. As part of that I’ll touch on the software side again, including how to use toggle switches and regular light switches in place of momentary buttons. Each of my projects has source code published on GitHub where relevant, and linked from the episode page.

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