Every Smart Home Needs a Smart Trap…

Posted on July 11th, 2016

If you have been having trouble with rats or mice, check out this innovative project from The Brothers McKenty. The rat trap cleverly uses a hanging basket which falls when a rat is detected, trapping the rat inside. An infrared sensor detects the presence of a rodent, and an RGB LED and a buzzer provide you with useful trap status feedback. The project is clearly documented and is likely to develop both your electronics skills and your general DIY construction skills, with the trap based on a solidly constructed wooden cage. The addition of Arduino to this rat trap means that it is far more intelligent and effective than any store bought alternatives! To get started on this project check out the following link.  


Linking this project to an existing home automation system could allow you to track trends concerning rodent behaviour. Hopefully overtime you will be able to see how effective the trap has been!

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